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A 30 Minute Challenge That Will Drive More Business


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A 30 Minute Challenge That Will Drive More Business

Elaine Fleming


Here is a 30 minute challenge that has the potential to change the perception of your brand AND hook in new customers.

An online audit of your brand can quickly identify what your customers see when they encounter your brand - and importantly, if it needs to change. Follow these three simple steps to make sure a sloppy social media acccount or website isn't encouraging customers to scroll on by.

1. When did you last update your social media? If you've got a twitter account but the last post was three months ago, it's time to either invest the time in it, or it's time to delete it.

2. Images and logos. Are you using the same image on Facebook, linkedin and your website? If not, make sure they are alligned. And if it is a picture of you, was it taken recently? It's tempting to use a younger/slimmer pic but don't pull the wool!

3. Has your business or the people who work there changed?  Is this reported on your website? Are all your links live and pointing to pages that are active? If not, fix them or delete them. If you can't keep simple details up to date, can you really offer the service or product you claim you can?

Your business' online profile is a direct reflection of your brand so don't waste an opportunity to demonstrate your brand is efficient, up to date, reputable and pays attention to detail.