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On this day...


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On this day...

Elaine Fleming

15 years ago, this very day, I began my career in PR.

A fresh faced graduate with a PR degree. a good telephone manner and a questionable dress sense saw me take up my first position as an account administrator with the BIG partnership.

So much and yet so little has changed in the world of PR in the that time. Suffice to say, my relationship with the printer and fax machine is somewhat less intense. No longer are hours, yes hours, spent hunched over the rapidly over heating equipment faxing out press releases one at a time, and weighty coverage books soul-sappingly photocopied.

Once at the very core of PR, newspapers and many of the organisations operating them, have become very different beasts. Let's roll out that overused phrase 'ever changing landscape'.

It's true though, there is now, so much more to the discipilne of PR and not just because the newspaper business model is so different to 15 short years ago. The creation of so many digital platforms have opened up countless ways to engage with both clients and their audiences. Mediums are no longer static. Want to make your voice heard, actually heard? It can all be done. And at the very quick click of a button.

However, at its heart PR remains very much the same as it did when the degree went out the window and I really learnt about what goes on in a PR agency, back in 2001.  It's not about column inches and it's not about 'spinning a tale'. It's about telling stories and coming up with the ideas that make sure clients' business objectives tie in with a communications strategy.  Ultimately, are we helping them speak to their customers, about the right subject matter, and in the right way.