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Branding Bubble Bath

Elaine Fleming

I've always loved New Year. A chance to start again, kick things up a gear, set yourself new challenges.

However, it's all to easy to return to work after a break and pick up where you left off. Before you know it, 10 years have passed. No gears have been kicked up and the image your business puts out into the big bad world is more dated than a beardwearing, craft beer drinker.

It's for this very reason that you need to give your brand some TLC. It's not just real live people who need a little 'me' time. Light some candles, get the bubbles foaming and give your brand a bath.

Of course, loyalty will always be a key factor when building a brand but long gone are the days when sticking with the same logo and design from here until the 39th of Julember was expected. Changing things up doesn't mean the old version was bad, it just means your business has grown and is adapting. If it's good enough for Google.... Reliable does not mean boring.

Changing a logo can be an expensive business and if you're happy with your current one, there are so many other ways to shake thing up a little. Web design, blogging, social media, email signatures, sponsorship, events, awards.... the list goes on.

Of course, taking a bath should be more than an annual event. So please, don't leave it too long to get into yer oxters