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The latsest news and thoughts from the Ginger PR team.


Practise what you Preach Ginger PR reveals new logo

Elaine Fleming

I'm always telling my clients, "what your business puts out into the world is a direct reflection of your offering". If a brand is tired and looks dated then that's what people will think about its work.

But then whaddya know, all of a suddden the Ginger PR logo is over eight years old and it's time to practise what I preach and ring the changes. I'm very excited to reveal a new logo, a refreshed website and updated social media profiles; all part of our 2018 growth strategy.

Ginger PR has been based in Angus for five years, an area that is bursting with innovation and ambition (as well as some pretty incredible scenery). We've worked with creative and corporate brands during that time while also maintaining our strong links in the central belt and Aberdeen. 

As PR keeps on changing so do the ways we can deliver results that have a direct impact for our clients. Traditional media relations are at the heart of what we do but as part of an adaptable multi-layered strategy, with a strong online focus.

We can't wait to get cracking with some new clients and projects that are in the pipeline and of course, we'll be telling them not to wait eight years to keep their brand on point!

Branding Bubble Bath

Elaine Fleming

I've always loved New Year. A chance to start again, kick things up a gear, set yourself new challenges.

However, it's all to easy to return to work after a break and pick up where you left off. Before you know it, 10 years have passed. No gears have been kicked up and the image your business puts out into the big bad world is more dated than a beardwearing, craft beer drinker.

It's for this very reason that you need to give your brand some TLC. It's not just real live people who need a little 'me' time. Light some candles, get the bubbles foaming and give your brand a bath.

Of course, loyalty will always be a key factor when building a brand but long gone are the days when sticking with the same logo and design from here until the 39th of Julember was expected. Changing things up doesn't mean the old version was bad, it just means your business has grown and is adapting. If it's good enough for Google.... Reliable does not mean boring.

Changing a logo can be an expensive business and if you're happy with your current one, there are so many other ways to shake thing up a little. Web design, blogging, social media, email signatures, sponsorship, events, awards.... the list goes on.

Of course, taking a bath should be more than an annual event. So please, don't leave it too long to get into yer oxters

A 30 Minute Challenge That Will Drive More Business

Elaine Fleming


Here is a 30 minute challenge that has the potential to change the perception of your brand AND hook in new customers.

An online audit of your brand can quickly identify what your customers see when they encounter your brand - and importantly, if it needs to change. Follow these three simple steps to make sure a sloppy social media acccount or website isn't encouraging customers to scroll on by.

1. When did you last update your social media? If you've got a twitter account but the last post was three months ago, it's time to either invest the time in it, or it's time to delete it.

2. Images and logos. Are you using the same image on Facebook, linkedin and your website? If not, make sure they are alligned. And if it is a picture of you, was it taken recently? It's tempting to use a younger/slimmer pic but don't pull the wool!

3. Has your business or the people who work there changed?  Is this reported on your website? Are all your links live and pointing to pages that are active? If not, fix them or delete them. If you can't keep simple details up to date, can you really offer the service or product you claim you can?

Your business' online profile is a direct reflection of your brand so don't waste an opportunity to demonstrate your brand is efficient, up to date, reputable and pays attention to detail. 


Branding Solutions for Abdie Solutions

Elaine Fleming

PR isn't just about getting a clipping in a newspaper, it's also about managing your company's brand and the way you engage with your customers.

We've just helped Abdie Solutions give their brand a refresh with a new logo and website, helping communicate they're the experts in their area.

The site now includes information on the sector specific areas they operate in as well as details of their vast experience, highlighting the bespoke nature of their work.

Like the look of this? Let's chat about how we can help you too. 

Say no to bad social media

Elaine Fleming


I'm about to advise a client that social media is a bad idea.

That's maybe not expected from someone who manages social media communities and develops online strategies as a career. But my job is about managing brands and helping them grow via a tailored approach that suits them - and social media is most definitely not the right approach for everyone. Done well, it can take a business from being good, to great. Done badly, it can seriously devalue a brand.

I'm currently project managing brand development for a technical business. Keen to highlight they have their finger on the pulse, they wanted to link Twitter and Facebook accounts to their website. However, after a chat about post content, frequency and response times, it became apparent the client was only going to have occasional time to devote to their upkeep.

This is when I firmly believe you should say no to social media. We work with organisations devising strategies to ensure content is relevant, timely and appropriate - and really offers something extra to their target market. We take the lion's share of the load but the clients' input is still essential.

In all communications a brand needs to convey it's reliable and trustworthy, no matter what their business. A sloppy and dated Twitter feed or a Facebook page without interesting and relevant content implies they are not totally on the ball. If a social media profile has slipped, or is mediocre at best, what does that say about the rest of the business?

Ultimately, if you can't do social media well, don't do it at all.